Watch repair service in Dublin

We are a professional team with years of experience and the ability to quickly, safely, precisely and especially at a reasonable price to watch repair specialists. We operate on the market for many years and our doors daily pass dozens of satisfied customers.
We are not just vendors who will sell watches and sends you to the service to someone else. We can sell you watch for the same and maybe even better prices than others. Do you need strap adjustment we will do it for you quickly for reasonable price. If you made a decision to purchase a watch from us we provide warranty with the purchase.
Bring us your watch in person at our address, which can be found in contact, or call us for appointment. VISIT OUR WATCH EMPIRE SHOP!!!

Watch Repairs while you wait

watch repair in dublin

We offer a full service watch watches of all types and brands in our purchase.

We will give you quick services while you waiting in our premises for all of brands.

Other repairs we will take from you will be reviewed as soon as possible. In particular, the exchange of slides, replacing seals, repair and replacement of quartz, grinding and polishing of metal bracelets, commitment-wise, bonding indexes on the dial and others. Please note that working with a fine drive requires calmness and time and is therefore natural that some corrections cannot be fulfilled straight away.
Do you have a watch that your supplier normally cannot open? We have equipment for opening any kind of watches. We take care of them while you wait.

Do you have a waterproof watch? We will undergo pressure testing the water tightness of the air through the device just for your information. If the unit shows that the watch is not sealed, the site will explain and propose solutions – replacing seals of the watch.
Do you want to know what exchange of the batteries includes? Exchange of the batteries with us includes a complete service that your watch is needed for the proper operation and long life. It is not “just” change of the battery!

Best Watch Repair in Dublin

We have not only professional equipment known brands, as well as professional and sensitive approach to your watch and effort to do our utmost to satisfy customers.

Our operation was deliberately designed so that clients had the opportunity to watch the work of a watchmaker, which only confirms its professionalism and pro-client approach.

Orders while you wait in one hour.

Orders that cannot be fixed while you wait are handled promptly:

Bring us your watch in person at our address, which can be found in contact, or call us for appointment. Best Watch Repair service in Dublin –  VISIT OUR WATCH EMPIRE SHOP!!!

Check our shop, or visit us in Powerscourt, Dublin 2. You can contact us here or call +353 1 679 9107.

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