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The rings – eternity band, have been used as a symbol throughout the century. The engagement ring represents one of the important small details that indicate changes, expectations and celebrations. Ladies love the story that is behind the most important gift of their lives, so that is why the choice of the ring should really matter. How to choose the right eternity ring can also be read in this guide.

Where the tradition of the engagement coming from?

The engagement ring history does not start on counters of elegant jewellery boutique, but on banks of rivers and in blacksmith workshops. It is not easy to determine when exactly the habit of giving the engagement ring has been revealed. Some believe that the earliest record of the rings comes from ancient Egypt 4,800 years ago. The oysters and reeds growing up next to the famous papyrus were entangled in rings that women subsequently wore as a ring. The circle functioned as a symbol of eternity – no beginning or end – not only with the Egyptians but also with other cultures. But its own meaning also has an opening in the middle of the ring: it is not only a blank space, but it is perceived as a gate or door that leads to events that are both expected and unknown. The main purpose of engaging rings is to express infinite love, fidelity, respect, future, and happiness. The engagement ring symbolizes eternity between the giver and the recipient. The ring has the shape of a circle that has no end or beginning, which means it is eternal. The legacy of our ancestors is that the ring is worn on the fourth finger. They believed that putting ring on this finger leads directly to the heart.

The original materials from which the rings were made did not last very long and soon people replaced them with rings of animal skins, bones or ivory. The more expensive the material, the deeper belief of love. The price of the ring, of course, proved the wealth of the giver.

The usage of giving the engagement ring was taken over by the ancient Romans, but of course by their own way. Rather than the symbol of love for them, the rings were a symbol of ownership. By putting the ring on finger, a man named a woman as his own. The rings were made of two metals. Those of iron were called “annus pronubus” and were intended to be worn at home. Those of precious metal (especially gold) were worn in public. Traditional engagement rings could also have the shape of a key and they symbolize the unlocking of a new woman’s life. The Romans were also the first to engrave a link on the rings.

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Christians have refused to use the rings as part of wedding ceremonies until the middle of the 9th century. After this, rich people, however, use to give their fiancé’s not only a simple ring, but a very nicely decorated ring with engraved doves or two joined hands. Both these kinds of rings were not accepted by Christians and therefore the jewellery in the 13th century has greatly simplified and gained a more distinctive spiritual appearance. One of the bishops described Eternity Band as a “symbol of the unity of two hearts”.

The combination of gold and precious stones has become a precedent in the 15th century. Most often, such rings used to connect a noble family. The rings looked similar to those of today, and each stone had its special meaning. Ruby is sign of love, emerald means home and shine, diamonds loyalty and eternity. At this time, future brides would also get unusual rings with hidden messages. The most popular ring adorned two rectangular gems – the most common diamond and ruby ​​symbolizing commitment and passion. Directly below the stones were the enamel images of the bells and nymphs as a metaphor of playful engagement. When the couple got engaged, they split the ring into two parts with a special shutter.

Although diamonds have been decorated the rings for many centuries, in engagement rings, according to experts, began to appear only in the second half of the 15th century. The pearl that the man could afford affirm the intention of the married couple to join the marriage.

On which finger we put engagement ring?

This tradition has its origins in the middle Ages, when people believed that the rings symbolizing the bundle should be worn on the fourth finger of their left hand, because they are going through a vena amoris – “vain of love”. This superstition claimed that there was a direct connection between the ring finger and the heart, and that is why the engagement ring on this finger would be connected to the heart. In fact, people were not so far from the truth, because every vain, even the smallest one or the coil, leads directly to the heart, so that the ring finger is connected with the heart as well as any other part of the body. In some cultures there is the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the right hand as well.

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Symbolism of the ring

Initially, engagement rings could be a part of a ‘bride’s price. Not only did the ring at first glance show if woman is taken, its quality indicated the social status and the wealth of the bridegroom.

Ring as a gift

If a man gives a ring to a woman, in most Western cultures it is considered to be an expression of a desire to marry her. A diamond ring on the left hand is a clear symbol of an engaged woman.

Ring as a promise

In return, the woman wears a ring to tell others that she is planning to marry someone and that she is officially taken. A diamond ring on the left hand is a clear symbol of an engaged woman.

Ring as circle

Consisting of metal rings – and the circle as such is part of the sacred symbolic geometry. The ring is a circle without end and beginning, meaning it is eternal, infinite, renewing, complete and perfect. It also represents the Sun, the Moon and the Planets, and connects lives as the engagement ring connects the lives of two people. The circle also symbolizes the infinite love of two lovers. Like their feelings – it has no end and it cannot break or divide.

Ring as ancestral heritage

Many couples choose engagement rings full of personal symbolism. Celtic rings are tied with family ties and ethnic tradition, while antique rings can be a family heritage that carries a deeply intimate touch and connection.

Ring as a reminder

Modern couples often adhere to the romantic moments of their common being and therefore do not hesitate to focus on rings decorated with jewels according to the zodiac signs or the month when they first get together or when they kissed for the first time.

Ring as past, present and future

Rings with three stones are penetrated by personal symbolism. Each of the stones represents another stage of the relationship: the past, the present, and the future. Gems or diamonds most often take the form of round diamonds, emeralds or princesses.

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What is the meaning of Eternity Band?

Eternity Band – Engagement rings are not just an ordinary jewel whose value is given by the price or amount of gold used. This is your most import day. The value of these rings is in their symbolic and in the love of two people who have this ring for life. It is also a promise of love, loyalty and respect that they have given to each other. The reason why the ring has just become a symbol of engagement is probably in their shape because the circular shape does not end and it is just as infinite as any marriage and the love that has put them together, if you want to read about Birthstone diamond you can check here.

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