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Engagement is the most important day of one’s life as you make a commitment to your loved one to get married; the day every woman waits for. To make this day even more special for her, her engagement ring plays a vital role, as, besides her memories, her ring is the thing she will cherish forever. Kish Jewelers promise to offer you the best rings for your big day. Their unique designs and patterns give royal touch to the rings. Their commitment is to provide the best quality to their customers. You can also find stones like sapphire, topaz, emerald, and much more and customize them according to your needs. We have big variations of engagement rings in our shop.

Engagement Rings

Many different designs came into the existence in the form of engagement rings. However, diamonds will always be women’s best friend. Have you ever wondered how diamond engagement rings became a trend? Archduke Maximillian from Austria was the first person to gift diamond ring to her fiancé, Mary of Burgundy on their engagement. This bloomed the trend for diamond rings among Europeans. Later, diamonds were mixed with other gemstones and precious ornaments to create engagement rings.

Not only women but in some countries, men also wear engagement rings. For men, it is normally a plain band. Like any other jewelry, engagement rings come in many different styles such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum – which are preferred if affordable. However, titanium, silver, and stainless steel can also be used for engagement rings.

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Engagement Rings

Personalized Rings

To give your  ring a personal impact, personalized rings are also trending globally. Today, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on diamonds or other precious stones, our generation is getting more inclined towards wearing a gold band with engravings on it. For example a couple’s name with their engagement/wedding date. On the other hand, some people believe in creating their own design to give it a more personal touch.

The cost of an engagement ring differs depending on the material and the design of the ring. For example, what gemstone is used, or what is the quality and weight of the gemstone. All these qualities could either increase or decrease the cost of the ring. The same goes for diamonds, the weight, color, and cuts add the value to it. Some people prefer to wear their birthstone along with diamonds as their engagement ring; this practice is normally followed to honor a family tradition. Diamonds can also be replaced with cubic zirconia and moissanites.

An engagement ring is one of the things that a man and a woman both cherish for their lifetime. Therefore, the ring is the reminder of the precious bond that they both share. The time between engagement and wedding is considered the most beautiful period for the couple as they get to understand each other better.

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