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How to choose an engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is hard nut to crack for many men who has decided to ask for hand of the chosen one.

The engagement ring symbolizes love. There are men who know woman taste perfectly, but most men have no idea how to choose engagement ring for this special moment.

If you don’t know what engagement ring to choose, you have come to the right place.

Gentlemen who are planning to propose to their partner to buy the right ring could be a difficult task. You can ask for an advice of your partner’s best friend. Believe me, women are talking about what they like and also know very well the taste of their best friend. Maybe you’re lucky and this way you will find that “dream” engagement ring for your partner. Unless you do not have this option, do not go away, it’s not that complicated as it first appears.

Size of engagement ring

You  have to figure out your loved one finger size:the ring finger on the left hand.

Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in many western cultures including the United States and much of Europe.Check the size of the left ring finger of your love.

To determine the right size of the ring there for you we have a measuring strip, which will help you to accurately measure the circumference of the finger. If you do not want to reveal your plans, or her fingers to measure, try sometimes discreetly try  on one of her rings and compare it with your finger size.
If you miss it in size, you do not ever despair,  it’s not tragedy. For most rings or eternity rings you can change size after purchase, and vendors will do it for free..

We offer you a small hint – How to determine the ring size

Price of engagement ring

To establish a budget for the engagement ring  is an important step. In the past, the value of the ring was calculate by twice of your monthly salary. This practice, however, nowadays is already not widely used. American and English usually invest three monthly payments. The way you choose and how much you want to invest, it’s up to you. Price of an engagement ring is a single decision. Perfect for an engagement ring is generally considered gold or white ring with mounted diamond or diamonds. They are currently very popular,  colored diamonds and gemstones rings to suit those who have no desire for diamond or you simply can not afford.

Style of the ring

Most women have an idea about her favorite shape and style of engagement ring since childhood. Perfect engagement ring show her personal style of a woman. In Kish Jewellers we can make personalized engagement rings just just for you!

Try to note a few facts:

  • What style of jewelry enhances her jewelry box?
  • Prefers white or yellow gold?
  • She likes strong, solid rings or soft favors rather inconspicuous jewelry?
  • Do it with more diamonds or other gems?
  • She likes square or round shape jewelry and stones?
  • She mentioned sometimes some kinds of jewelry that she only likes?

If you have no idea, or if your chosen one does not mention such things, try to discreetly ask her for her opinion. For example, let women advise you in choosing your new watch, bracelet and so on.


Each ring contains two main components, namely: shank and stone. Classic engagement rings are made of gold, because it is a highly prized precious metal. Gold never goes out of style. Among its advantages are shape and color, easy form ability and is a good to any ring. Engagement ring should reflect the strength of your love for your partner.

If, however, allergic to gold, the most appropriate alternative materials is platinum and especially for its durability and resistance.  Silver is brittle metal and has very bad durability.



Diamond rings are the dream of almost every woman. Such engagement ring is a valuable jewel and can be passed down from generation to generation. Price of diamonds raise every year,price also depends on colour,carat,cut,clarity.

Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds are top in fashion for every women now. Most women loves colorful stones in purple and reddish that perfectly symbolizes love and passion. Pink diamonds look very romantic and are therefore increasingly sought.

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Size of diamond:


Gems are legendary with their bright color and many women loved engagement rings that are different from others. Gems look very bright, extravagant, but also in combination with sparkly diamonds create a wonderful impression. In this area, the choice is very wide. From passionate red rubies, emeralds through green, purple amethyst, engagement ring can contain any gem that attracts whether your partner, or you.

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