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Buying a luxury jewelry for engagement is one of the most important events of a man’s life. That’s why we can give you best advice how to choose a perfect engagement ring and why to choose the emerald ring. Before this happen, a man should know as much as possible about her soon to be wife and her ideas for perfect ring.

emerald ring

Emerald – a stone of fidelity and success in love

Emerald comes from the beryl, like aquamarine, morganite and heliodor. It can be found in green shades, from light to dark green. Unlike other beryl, it often contains inclusions or mistakes, which are not considered to be degradation of stone for emeralds. In the antiquity, the emerald was considered to be a guarantee of increasing wealth. It was also a partner stone: emerald ring was given to a partner, and if the partner was unfaithful, it was said that the emerald ring would change the color from bright green to ugly brown. According to Saint Hildegard von Bingen, the emerald takes all the greenery color out of nature and crystallizes with it as vibration of life.

Mystical Features

High and strong vibrations. Improves the functioning of the heart – in the area of ​​love and mercy towards others. His clear green beam treats the trauma of going from one spiritual level to another. This is achieved through meditation with emerald.

Signs are Cancer, Taurus and Libra, Gemini, Aries, and Scorpio, while the Taurus and the Scorpio are well off with dark emeralds. It has a receptive energy, although in some sources it is described as androgens, a yang stone; his planet is Venus and its element is Earth. It is connected with heart chakra and solar plexus. It eliminates negativity and transforms it into a positive trans-formative energy. It stabilizes and calms and gives person a sense of security.


Emerald is a stone of inspiration and endless patience. It gives life to balance and integrity. As a stone of successful love, emerald brings to your home happiness and loyalty. It enhances the feeling of unity, unconditional love, has a beneficial effect on partner relationships that maintains balance and brings friendship. Crystal ensures physical, emotional and mental balance. Removes everything negatively and generates positive things.


Should be worn on fingertip, ring-finger, or on right hand. It can also be placed in the place you want to heal. Emerald ring should not be wear all the time, because it could also release negative feelings.

Cut and Shape

Goldsmiths simply love this unique green gem, so they came up with a special cut that is called emerald. It is a rectangular or square cut with cut corners that not only exudes the beauty of this gem but also protects it from mechanical strain. Emeralds are also popular in many other shapes, such as oval contours, or the shape of tears (pear). See our selections of rings with different cuts and shapes.

emerald ring

The price

Almost all natural contain characteristic inclusions, but they do not in most cases reduce the value of this gem. Inclusions naturally distinguish natural emeralds from those of synthetic ones. Even so, higher degree of purity, less inclusions, are more valuable. Another parameter to determine the value of the emerald is its color, the most desirable are the emeralds of a dark green color that appears as if it came out of the center of the gem. Also, emeralds rings with a delicate bluish touch are also popular.

Why Emerald ring?

An emerald ring will perfectly represent a woman you decided to merry. It’s gorgeous green color has no analogues in the world of jewelry. It is designed for her admirable character and never-ending energy, for her unmistakable charm that radiates an endless desire for life. Emerald ring in the color of leaves glowed by the warm afternoon sun will always remind her that she lives her dream even through all obstacles the live could bring her.

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