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People from old times believed that some stones bring happiness, protect its wearer or fending their disease. These special abilities are attributed mainly to stones which are incredible beautiful and different from others, these are precious stones or we call them also gems. Even today, astrologers attach some special abilities to some of the stones. According to them, gems are linked to individual planets and because of these connections they represent our calendar months. Who wears its birth stones is in balance with the nature and itself. Monthly gems can also be the gifts symbolizing the anniversary, holidays, or other significant event of the month.

There is saying that origins of birthstones date back to biblical times when a priest breastplate was decorated with 12 colored gems. These 12 gems by the time became associated and connected with the months. But the first written mention of birthstones comes from Poland from 15th century. People at first thought that the power of the stone will take effect only if worn during the presented month. Therefore, most people owned 12 different gems, which they were changing during the year.

In 1012, The American National Association of Jewellers made a list dedicating different gems to a various month which is now accepted as an official birthstone list.

Birthstone Diamond
Birthstone diamond is usually worn as pendant or embedded in a ring, but it may be even earrings or ornaments in the bracelet. Birthstones are by tradition attributed to some skills and special qualities which symbolize each month in the Gregorian calendar.

Birthstone diamond answer to those who were born in April and people who are under the sign of Leo and Taurus. It is hardness and strength that reflects the resilient and stubbornness. Birthstone diamond gives them endurance and protects them against arrogance. It is offering them the purity and beauty of the soul.


The piece of stars symbolizing purity, fearlessness, joy and love.

The origin of the name diamond comes from the Arabic word “al-mas” – the hardest, respectively, from the Greek “Adamas” – indestructible, invincible. Diamond is the most important gemstone of our century, pure carbon in the form of diamond is one of the oldest minerals in the universe. It is formed in a depth of 140-200 km below the surface and at a temperature of about 1200C. Fortunately, thanks to eruptions and mother of nature diamonds eventually find their way to the surface of the earth. And thanks to the skillful grinding and machining of the carbon, diamonds become the most beautiful gems in the world.

Diamond is an ideal stone for the 60th wedding anniversary, because it has all the qualities that stand out for the partners who managed to stay together more than half of a century.

How to buy birthstone diamond?

Colored diamond

In addition of colorless birthstone diamonds there are all spectrum of color scheme – precious green, blue, red, orange, black, yellow, pink diamonds, brown, also called champagne or chocolate diamonds. Natural red, purple and pink diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable of all diamonds. But in jewelry most birthstone diamonds are almost colorless or very light yellow or brown.


The purity of a diamond refers to the number of inclusions inside of the diamond. The highest level of cleanliness is generally not used in jewelry, birthstone diamonds of this level are good as investment diamonds. GIA – Gemmological Institute of America created table for the sorting of purity of diamonds. Check our shop for diamond rings.

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Cut and Shape

Cut and shape of birthstone diamond greatly affects its price. This means not elected shape but particular quality of cut. There are specific proportions and angles that are ideal for birthstone diamonds. Its perfection is when a diamond is properly sanded, sparkles and reflects the colors of the rainbow. Poorly cut diamonds are not always the results of bad sanding. By cutting the diamond, it is getting decreased, its carat weight diamond drops and thus losing on value. Therefore, by grinding the diamond jewelers are often strive to retain maximum carat weight at the expense of the perfect cut.

Methods of Treatment of Birthstone diamond

Many years have developed different methods to improve the geological characteristics of natural diamonds (usually those already cut and polished). These include, for example an enhanced cleaning when the laser remove internal inclusions and fill small cracks inside the diamond. The colour is enhances by exposition, by thermal heating or by treatment under high pressure. Such a procedure must be always recorded in the diamond certificate.

Price of Birthstone Diamond
Price of birthstone diamonds always depends on four basic characteristics of color, clarity, cut and carat weight of diamond purchased.

Myths and Legends

Diamonds have been since its discovery at the center of all the myths and legends. Medieval knight wore them on their armor in assumption that they will be invincible thanks to diamonds. This myth is probably related because of so well-known hardness of diamond.  There are also legends that claim that the purity of the diamond pointed to nature and innocence of the person who owned the diamond. Diamonds in the past were also used in exorcism and in the treatment of many diseases because it has always been a symbol of purity. Even more significant was diamond perceived as a symbol of pure and sincere love. For centuries diamonds are popular gifts between lovers, and it is also the most typical stone for engagement rings. From the astrological point of view, diamond attributed to the sun, especially due to its indestructibility and shine.

Birthstone diamond and its effects:

Birthstone diamond

According to traditional healers, diamond supports functions of metabolism and improves eyesight. It also reinforces the internal harmony and deprives us from anger. It intensifies all body, mind and spiritual energy and therefore helps the body to align with the so-called “higher self”. It is also used in combination with other stones, which, thanks to diamond increases your energy. There were rumours and legends that the diamond also helps people accumulate wealth.

The most famous Diamond

The largest found rough diamond in the world was the Cullinan which weighed more than 3,100 ct. Cullinan I., sometimes called the Great Star of Africa, is the largest grinded diamond obtained from this raw diamond. This diamond weighs a whopping 530.4 carats and it is part of the British crown jewels, specifically in coronation sceptre and cross.

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