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What comes to your mind when you hear Continental Europe? A bronze age, a stone age, an iron age and much more. When you link these periods together, all you can think of is famous antique sculptures, jewelry, arts, and crafts. Continental Europe has seen many difficulties, but it has always emerged as the beautiful continent.

Have you seen some beautiful creations from continental Europe? Probably, in your Arts & Humanities class or History class. As a child, I believed that sculptures from ancient Europe could only be found in the museums, however, that is not the case always. Many beautiful creations could be found outdoors or at a local shops like Watch Empire or Kish Jewellers if you are enticed with fashion from the history.

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Antique Sculptures

One of the most famous sculptures of Roman antiquity is Laocoön and His Sons (2nd century, BC). It was originally discovered in Rome in 1506 but later moved to the Vatican where it is still residing. Another famous sculpture is of Michelangelo, David (1501 – 1504). This sculpture weighed six tons when it was completed.


Here is an interesting part for women – The Romans are compulsive producers as well as consumers of gold. Most of the gold that was mined in West Africa, reached Europe through the Islamic countries. However, the main source of gold was still ancient Roman that was collected in the form of coin or an object. Europeans, whether men or women loved to adorn themselves with jewelry, as it showed their wealth. Large jeweled brooches were worn with the dress; these jewelries were made of gold and other precious stones.

The Victorian era was one of the periods where jewelry and fashion industry took over Europe. Birthstones were very common during this era instead of diamonds. Even sentiments were expressed by the color of the jewelry, which was inspired by Queen Victoria, who went into mourning for quite a time when her beloved passed away.

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European porcelain

Continental Europe is also famous for its hard paste porcelain. How is it different from Chinese porcelain, was the first question that came to my mind while I was reading it. Unlike Chinese porcelain, European porcelain was fired twice. First, it was fired on unglazed, biscuit ware followed by gazing on a higher temperature. The decorations of porcelains changed over time, earlier, they were often decorated with motifs and gold gilt, and later designs were printed on them.
Some other famous artifacts found in continental Europe are listed below:

  • Zoomorphic Figures
  • Anthropomorphic Vessel, made up of fired clay (4600 – 3900BC)
  • Architectural Model with seven Figurines
  • Necklace, made up of 35 shells and 26 beads
  • Biconical Vessel
  • Spiral bracelet made up of original copper
  • Spondylus bracelets
  • Female Figurine (front and back)
  • The “Thinker” and Female Figurine from Cernavoda

These were some interesting antiques from continental Europe. You can contact us here or call +353 1 679 9107.